The Game-Changing Chainsaw Mill Alternative from Turbosawmill

Are you reluctant to try alternatives to your chainsaw mill? What if we told you there was a safer, faster and more accurate way to cut lumber? Don't put up with the many limitations of the chainsaw mill any longer. Increase your lumber production and get superior cuts every time with a swing-blade sawmill from Turbosawmill.
New owner testing out his Automated mill at an Australian show.
New owner testing out his Automated mill at an Australian show.

Say goodbye to the challenging chainsaw mill

Forget the slow, manual handling of the chainsaw mill. With a Turbosawmill, you'll no longer have to tirelessly position and turn each log. The automated feed system means you will only have to handle logs once, and the 180-degree access makes it safe and easy to recover timber.

Producing a wide range of different cuts is remarkably easy with a swing-blade sawmill. From sectional cuts to quarter sawing, Turbosawmill's removable attachments and guards offer unmatched milling opportunities.

Nothing beats the swing-blade sawmill advantage. Superior in accuracy, speed, production and recovery, Turbosawmill beats the chainsaw mill every time.

New owner driving home his new mill at the US Oregon show.

Why choose a swing-blade sawmill over a portable chainsaw mill

Large, rough logs are no match for the Turbosawmill. With its durable blade and flawless portable design, a Turbosawmill can cut through any log in any location, no matter how remote. Transport your portable swing-blade sawmill to your work site and have freshly cut lumber ready to use when you need it.

Unlike a chainsaw mill, the swing-blade sawmill cuts with extreme precision, maximizing the number of slabs from each log and minimizing waste. Lumber from a chainsaw mill requires wasteful and time-consuming resurfacing. Turbosawmill cuts are smooth, precise and ready to use.

Both the automated and manual mills offer superior safety features that prevent operators from engaging with the blade. Open side access means lumber won't get stuck between two tracks, and the safety guard keeps the operator clear of the blade. Despite safety attachments and guides, chainsaw blades can get stuck easily, causing the log to shift out of place and putting the operator at risk.

Want to learn more about the advantages of our world-first swing-blade sawmills? Check out our key points about why the swing-blade is the best choice.

Just some of the quality timber a village in the highlands of PNG have cut using their automated mill.
Just some of the quality timber a village in the highlands of PNG have cut using their automated mill.

Replace your chainsaw mill with a Turbosawmill. Here's why:

Turbosawmill swing-blade sawmills are unparalleled in simplicity, safety and design. Not only that, a Turbosawmill will have you producing more ready-to-use lumber than ever before. Once you upgrade to a Turbosawmill, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

While the chainsaw mill may be cheaper in the short term, these high-maintenance machines will cost you more over time. Turbosawmill's frame and blades are built to last, reducing maintenance costs and saving you money in the long term.

Switch to a Turbosawmill and remove the noise, vibrations, safety concerns and inaccuracies from your milling projects. Powering up couldn't be easier. Simply align the beam to the log, position your cut and start the engine. The swing-blade sawmill will do the rest.


  • An electric start 13hp Honda vertical shaft engine.
  • 2 x RX27 chain loops.
  • Accurate worm gearbox with dial for lift and sideways motion.
  • Hand crank winch.
  • Increased output speed (5,500 RPM) for faster cutting.
  • Centrifugal clutch for easy start-up.
  • Large ATV jockey kit.
  • 180-degree easy access for removal of slabs and loading logs.
  • Easy belt and chain tension system.
  • Easy bar alignment adjustment.
  • 2-year warranty on the mill framework.
  • 3-year warranty on the motor.
  • Angled bar providing for:
    • Smooth entry and exit of the log.
    • Easier feed as the chain tends to pull the saw through the cut.
    • Reduced tendency of frame sway.

Does not include a sharpener - we recommend:

  • Bench grinder kit.
  • Dremel and bit for quick easy sharpening on the bar.

    Disassembly (6 assemblies including jockey wheels):

    1. Unbolt the long alloy tube.
    2. Unbolt the operator end frame.
      1. You may use the included jockey wheels to prop up the beam during disassembly.
      2. You may also remove the long base skids of each frame to reduce the weight.
    3. Roll the carriage off the beam onto a pellet in your truck.
    4. To reduce the overall weight of your carriage you may also remove:
      1. Blade.
      2. Motor.
    5. Unbolt the far end frame.
    6. Place the complete beam on your truck’s roof rack or disassemble into pieces for easier transport.

    Looking to buy a chainsaw mill? Consider these things first

    Before you buy a new chainsaw mill, here's what you need to know. Our key points will show that there is no match for the Turbosawmill.
    Turbosawmill blades and frames are built to last
    Blades dull fast, and motors require regular maintenance
    Handle logs of all sizes and shapes
    Has difficulty cutting through large, rough logs
    Cut smooth, accurate, ready-to-use lumber
    Lumber from a chainsaw mill requires resurfacing before it is ready to use
    Produces more lumber faster
    The larger the log, the slower the cutting speed
    Easy to operate with superior safety features
    Requires a high level of skill to operate without risk

    Watch our automated portable sawmill in action

    Check out the features of a Turbosawmill Automated Swing-blade sawmill, available for delivery across the USA.

    Don't waste money on another chainsaw mill. Choose a low-maintenance Turbosawmill.

    When it comes to milling options, there's no doubt that swing-blade sawmills are a cut above the rest.

    Before you purchase yet another chainsaw mill, consider the long-term benefits of upgrading to a swing-blade sawmill from Turbosawmill instead.

    Requires minimal maintenance
    Increases lumber production
    Easier and safer to load and recover lumber
    Cuts logs of all sizes, shapes and roughness
    No lumber resurfacing required
    Produces smooth, ready-to-use lumber
    Extremely durable and built to last
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