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Austin Mehlhorn – M8-28M (showcase)

I found that in about thirty minutes I could set the mill up and in another hour of training, I could have the customer comfortable with the operation.

Redwood Logging Conference (complete)

Join the Smiths team as we unveil a last-minute addition to the show circuit: the M10-28A from Turbosawmill.

29 containers of sawmills shipped to our USA distributor!

The synergy between Turbosawmill and Smith Sawmills has been remarkable. The partnership not only kept us afloat but propelled us to unprecedented heights.

David Shore – M12-28A (editorial)

TurboSawmill Portable Swing Blade Mills Make Inroads into U.S.A. with Smith Sawmill Service

John Bailey – M10-22A (showcase)

“$240,000 worth of timber, 590 hours on the clock.”

Canningvale – M12-25A (showcase)

The Turbosawmill had a few features working in favour of their decision..

Steven Morris – M10-28A (showcase)

I’ve run a timber milling business here in Tasmania, Australia for the past 7 years.

M12-28A – $41,900 (second hand)

USA – M12-28A with electronic sizing, 6’ beam extension, and trailer package.

M12-28A – $45,000 (second hand)

USA – $45,000 USD M12-28A ,30 HP AUTO MILL with computer sizing.

New Zealand Training Centre

If you’re serious about owning a sawmill, we extend a warm invitation for you to visit and explore these marvels at your convenience.

Turbosawmill training channel now available!

Unlock the full potential of your Turbosawmill with our comprehensive guide!

From Logs to Lumber: Exploring the Versatility of Swing-Blade Sawmills

Timber processing has come leaps and bounds in recent years. In this industry, innovation is key to simplifying the timber-cutting process and enhancing safety on-site.

How Swing-Blade Sawmills Simplify the Timber-Cutting Process

Swing-blade sawmills are one such innovation that has revolutionised timber processing.

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