Revolutionize Lumber Production In California With Turbosawmill

Turbosawmill swing-blade sawmills supply cutting-edge sawmills in California. Say goodbye to slow, unreliable bandsaw mills. A Turbosawmill swing-blade sawmill beats the bandsaw every time. Recover more lumber, enhance worker safety and produce smooth, ready-to-use lumber on-site with Turbosawmill.

Forestry in the Golden State has a unique set of challenges. At Turbosawmill, we have local knowledge of the Californian landscape. We’re here to provide expert advice and premium products to enhance your lumber production.

What’s the fundamental advantage of a Turbosawmill swing-blade sawmill? The open-side access allows you to load and remove timber with ease. Beams can be loaded directly onto a forklift without the need for heavy lifting. Unlike a bandsaw, swing-blade sawmills can cut logs of all shapes and sizes and require no manual rotation.

If you’re looking for a premium portable sawmill for sale in California, look no further than Turbosawmill.

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