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Key features: Manual Swing-Blade Portable Sawmill

Unleash Efficiency and Precision with Our Manual Mills

Experience the power of simplicity and versatility with our manual mills. Here's why they are a cut above the rest:

Streamlined Simplicity: Our manual mills are ingeniously designed for simplicity without compromising on versatility. You'll find them remarkably easy to operate, making every task a breeze.

Built to Last: The robust frame of our mills ensures a sturdy and reliable cutting experience. Rigid construction guarantees precision and durability with every pass.

Total Access: Our single-beam design offers unrestricted access, setting you free from the constraints of dual tracks. Loading logs and recovering lumber has never been more straightforward.

Effortless Sizing: Achieve pinpoint accuracy with ease. Our two reduction gearboxes, complete with large, user-friendly dials, put you in complete control. Forget about the limitations of preset clicks – our infinitely variable gearbox lets you dial in the exact settings you need.

Elevate your sawmilling experience with these incredible features. Contact us today to learn how our manual mills can enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Manual swing-blade sawmill

Enhance Your Sawmilling Experience with Our Versatile Features

Discover the remarkable capabilities of our sawmill, designed to make your work more efficient and convenient:

Taper Adjustment: Setting up your sawmill over the log is a breeze. No need to lift and chock the log when you have the option to adjust for taper at the far end using a hand winch. It's a time-saving and log-friendly solution.

Effortless Cutting: The simplicity of our sawmill shines through as you effortlessly push it through the log, actuating horizontal and vertical cuts for every board you saw. Your workflow becomes a model of efficiency.

Mobile Convenience: With our large ATV dolly system, included as a standard feature, you can easily move the mill around. One person is all it takes to relocate the mill with ease. Plus, you have the option to tow it around your farm behind an ATV or a similar vehicle, offering flexible mobility.

Tapered Board Creation: Another standard feature is the weather board attachment device. This innovative accessory empowers you to create tapered boards directly from your log, adding versatility to your operations.

Experience the advantages of these exceptional features. Contact us today to explore how our sawmill can boost your productivity and provide you with a hassle-free sawmilling experience.

View of extended sawmill
View of sawmill parts and weights
Weatherboard sawmill attachment

    Disassembly (6 assemblies including jockey wheels):

    1. Unbolt the long alloy tube.
    2. Unbolt the operator end frame.
      1. You may use the included jockey wheels to prop up the beam during disassembly.
      2. You may also remove the long base skids of each frame to reduce the weight.
    3. Roll the carriage off the beam onto a pellet in your truck.
    4. To reduce the overall weight of your carriage you may also remove:
      1. Guards.
      2. Blade.
      3. Motor.
    5. Unbolt the far end frame.
    6. Place the complete beam on your truck’s roof rack or disassemble into pieces for easier transport.
    Farm Dolly Kit

    Mobility (Farm Dolly kit):

    You may also purchase the farm dolly kit as an accessory which means you can simply lower the complete sawmill onto this kit, then install the tow hitch bracket at the end of the beam and within minutes transport your sawmill around your property using your vehicle.


    • Electric start.
    • 1 x 5-tooth INSERT blade, tool, extra tips, and sharpener (requires a drill).
    • Manual feed.
    • Manual blade swing.
    • Single end horizontal and vertical gearbox with sizing dials.
    • Weather board swing kit.
    • 2-year warranty on the mill framework.
    • 3-year warranty on the motor.


    • Log setup taper alignment included.
    • 1.2-meter diameter (4 feet) log - although any diameter may be sawn.
    • 4.4-meter (14.5 feet) log cut length.
    • Double cut capable.
      • Produces a double width slab for every drop (no need to swing the frame around).

    Electric options:

    We can custom build your sawmill using a 15hp electric three phase motor. Please send us an email if you are interested in this option. This is a special-order option.

    Watch the manual sawmill in action

    Check out the features of a Turbosawmill manual sawmill, available for delivery across the USA.

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    Accessories available for the Manual Sawmill

    Digital Sizing Kit

    Digital Sizing Kit

    Fits all Turbosawmill models. Runs on single phase power (small generator for remote use). Very accurate system. Includes new function allowing quick and easy sectional deep horizontal/vertical cuts. A great time saver! Available in both Metric and Imperial.

    Dedicated Oscillating Slabber Head

    Powered by the Honda GXV390 (13hp gross) engine. Cuts up to 1.5m wide slabs and can fit any Turbosawmill product. Shares the beam with the Swing-blade.

    Manual Center Leg & 6ft Extension

    6 feet long beam, leg, tongue inserts, tube, clamps and chain extensions.

    Farm Dolly Kit

    Transport kit to fit all models. Includes dolly and hold-down clamps to connect to your sawmill for easy farm transport.

    Planer Blade

    Planer blade for re-surfacing slabs and beams. Process is done after your product has dried. Provides a finished result.


    Secures your log during sawing. Alloy materials to reduce damage to your blade if hit by accident.


    5 feet long handle. Used to roll logs.

    8" Insert Blade

    Turbosawmill insert blade, 5 tooth, 9/32″ kerf.


    6" Insert Blade

    Turbosawmill insert blade, 5 tooth, 9/32″ kerf.

    STANDARD 9/32″ BIT

    Standard 9/32″ Bit

    9/32″ KERF, suits all models, includes lock screw.

    FINE KERF 1/4" BIT

    Fine Kerf 1/4" Bit

    1/4" KERF, suits all models, includes lock screw.


    Standard Shank

    13/64″ wide, fits all models.


    Narrow Shank

    5/32" wide, fits all models. Offers more clearance and life to your bit.

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