Cutting-Edge Portable Sawmills

Turbosawmill provides a top-notch automated Swing-blade sawmill, ideal for your needs. For efficient and cost-effective lumber cutting, choose our Swing-blade sawmill over traditional bandsaws. Upgrade your sawmilling experience with our high-quality range today.

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Automated Swing-Blade Sawmill

Professional - for volume production (Automated mill)

Ingeniously powered through the log by a remote hand lever. Designed for maximum productivity, these sawmills can seamlessly integrate with our dolly kit, providing swift mobility for your convenience.

Manual swing-blade sawmill

Life styler - for the landowner (Manual mill)

Expertly crafted for manual operation, guiding you through log processing with ease. Engineered for effortless setup, these sawmills are perfectly suited for remote property locations, ensuring convenience and efficiency in your woodworking endeavors.


Custom - for specialty slabs (Slabber)

Unparalleled efficiency with our innovative slabber, powered by a hand winch mechanism that effortlessly guides the bar through the log-cutting process. Designed for convenience, these sawmills can be conveniently set up even in remote property locations. The oscillating motion of the massive bar further enhances efficiency, ensuring optimal performance with every cut.


What people say

Just a selection of the many reviews from our customers.

“Turbosawmill are at the cutting edge (pun intended), and you will be amazed as am I each time I work with this amazing piece of engineering. Indeed, Jake Peterson has taken the swing blade concept to the next level, carrying on the legacy of his father Carl Peterson.”

— David Groth (M10-22A)

“The digital sizing is extremely accurate – I do not have to check things over with a measuring tape. We’ve had zero issues since we got it. The system is simple, very neat and professional.”

— John Mavros (M12-25A)

“Since I started last year I have milled about 40 mbf with the “little mill that could”, and it has not ceased to impress me, my 2 brothers who have come to join the fun from time to time and people for whom I have milled.”

— Karson Branham (M8-Manual)

“The mill is very tough, well built, and has given us many, many hours of trouble-free use with very little maintenance required.”

— John Bailey (M10-22A & M12-28A)

“It is a much simpler design than the Peterson’s and yet it achieves better output, is far more accurate, and is easier to use. I am finding that the Turbo Mill has increased our output with a one-man operation by approximately 65% compared to the Lucas.”

— Steven Morris (M10-22A)

"I have been so pleased with my M8 Warrior Auto with the 22hp motor.  I would recommend the 22hp upgrade to anyone.  My wife wanted a walk-in closet.  I altered our abandoned henhouse and made it into the walk-in-closet of her dreams by milling fallen trees on the farm within the first three weeks of operating my new mill.”

— Fred Evans (M8-22A)

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