Cutting-Edge Portable Sawmills for the USA

Turbosawmill make the world’s premier automated Swing-blade sawmill for use across the USA. If you want to cut straight lumber reliably, plus save time and money, then consider using a Swing-blade sawmill over a bandsaw. Check out our industry leading range today.
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Automated Sawmill

A revolutionary Swing-blade sawmill that enables one operator to do the same amount of work as two people using another Swing-blade design.

Manual Sawmill

Our manual Swing-blade sawmill is extremely versatile, simple and robust.

Slabber Sawmill

Produce massive live-edge slabs in the most simple, easiest way possible with the Slabber.

What people say

Just a selection of the many reviews from our customers.

“Turbosawmill are at the cutting edge (pun intended), and you will be amazed as am I each time I work with this amazing piece of engineering. Indeed, Jake Peterson has taken the swing blade concept to the next level, carrying on the legacy of his father Carl Peterson.”

— David Groth (M10-22A)

“The digital sizing is extremely accurate – I do not have to check things over with a measuring tape. We’ve had zero issues since we got it. The system is simple, very neat and professional.”

— John Mavros (M12-25A)

“Since I started last year I have milled about 40 mbf with the “little mill that could”, and it has not ceased to impress me, my 2 brothers who have come to join the fun from time to time and people for whom I have milled.”

— Karson Branham (M8-Manual)

“The mill is very tough, well built, and has given us many, many hours of trouble-free use with very little maintenance required.”

— John Bailey (M10-22A & M12-28A)

“It is a much simpler design than the Peterson’s and yet it achieves better output, is far more accurate, and is easier to use. I am finding that the Turbo Mill has increased our output with a one-man operation by approximately 65% compared to the Lucas.”

— Steven Morris (M10-22A)

"I have been so pleased with my M8 Warrior Auto with the 22hp motor.  I would recommend the 22hp upgrade to anyone.  My wife wanted a walk-in closet.  I altered our abandoned henhouse and made it into the walk-in-closet of her dreams by milling fallen trees on the farm within the first three weeks of operating my new mill.”

— Fred Evans (M8-22A)

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