The Automated Swing-Blade Sawmill from Turbosawmill

The world’s premier automated Swing-blade sawmill enables one operator to do the same amount of work as two people using another Swing-blade design.

Key features: Automated Swing-Blade Portable Sawmill

Our automated mills are high tech, easy to use, simple and versatile. The frame is built tough and offers rigid cutting. Our single beam design provides unrestricted access to load logs and recover your lumber (you are not stuck between two tracks).

Sizing is performed at the same end through two reduction gearboxes with large dials for sizing. The gearbox means that you will not rely on preset clicks for every movement, they are infinitely variable.


Although the sizing is all done at one end, you still get the option to adjust for taper at the far end through a hand winch. This is important when first setting up your sawmill over the log, no need to lift and chock the log.

Simply power the sawmill through the log via a hand lever actuating horizontal and vertical cuts remotely for every board sawn. Once the carriage gets to the other end, it hits a stop, and the blade automatically swings (through a simple gas strut) into vertical ready for the return cut.

The power feed is controlled remotely through a hydrostatic drive, providing a completely variable speed for all depths of cut.

The sawmill comes standard with a large ATV dolly system that locates at the middle of your beam. This allows one person to move the mill around with ease. You could also tow it around your farm behind an ATV or similar.

Another feature that comes standard is the weather board attachment device. This accessory allows you to saw tapered boards directly from your log.


    Disassembly (6 assemblies including jockey wheels):

    1. Unbolt the long alloy tube.
    2. Unbolt the operator end frame.
      1. You may use the included jockey wheels to prop up the beam during disassembly.
      2. You may also remove the long base skids of each frame to reduce the weight.
    3. Roll the carriage off the beam onto a pellet in your truck.
    4. To reduce the overall weight of your carriage you may also remove:
      1. Guards.
      2. Blade.
      3. Motor.
    5. Unbolt the far end frame.
    6. Place the complete beam on your truck’s roof rack or disassemble into pieces for easier transport.

    Mobility (Farm Dolly kit):

    You may also purchase the farm dolly kit as an accessory which means you can simply lower the complete sawmill onto this kit, then install the tow hitch bracket at the end of the beam and within minutes transport your sawmill around your property using your vehicle.


    • Jockey transport wheels.
    • 1 x 5-tooth INSERT blade, tool, extra tips, and sharpener (requires a drill).
    • Power feed.
    • Auto remote blade swing.
    • Operable in both auto and manual mode.
    • 2-year warranty on the mill framework.
    • 3-year warranty on the motor.


    • Single-end vertical and horizontal sizing.
    • Log setup taper alignment included.
    • 1.3m diameter (4 ft) log - although any diameter may be sawn.
    • 6m (20 ft) log cut length. Extendable to (26 ft) log cut length.
    • Extended much longer with center leg (additional).
    • Double cut capable.

    Watch our automated portable sawmill in action

    Check out the features of a Turbosawmill Automated Swing-blade sawmill, available for delivery across the USA.

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    Accessories available for the Automated Sawmill

    Digital Sizing Kit

    Digital Sizing Kit

    Fits all Turbosawmill models. Runs on single phase power (small generator for remote use). Very accurate system. Includes new function allowing quick and easy sectional deep horizontal/vertical cuts. A great time saver! Available in both Metric and Imperial.

    $10,000 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    Dedicated Slabber Head

    Powered by the Honda GXV390 (13hp gross) engine. Cuts up to 1.5m wide slabs and can fit any Turbosawmill product. Shares the beam with the Swing-blade.

    $10,000 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    Auto Center Leg & 6ft Extension

    6 feet long beam, leg, tongue inserts, tube, clamps and chain extensions.

    $4500 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    Farm Dolly Kit

    Transport kit to fit all models. Includes dolly and hold-down clamps to connect to your sawmill for easy farm transport.

    $3,000 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    Board Return

    Board Return kit to fit your Automated Turbosawmill.
    Offers dual use advantage:
    • Can be used to stabilize deeper horizontal cuts.
    • Can be used to return previous cut boards to the operator end, while your sawmill cuts the next board.
    Works best for smaller vertical sawn (repetitive) boards.
    Not intended to pull back heavy beams.

    $550 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    Planer Blade

    Planer blade for re-surfacing slabs and beams. Process is done after your product has dried. Provides a finished result.

    $1,050 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.



    Secures your log during sawing. Alloy materials to reduce damage to your blade if hit by accident.

    $550 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.



    5 feet long handle. Used to roll logs.

    $180 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    12" Insert Blade

    Turbosawmill insert blade, 5 tooth, 9/32″ kerf.

    $1,250 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    10" Insert Blade

    Turbosawmill insert blade, 5 tooth, 9/32″ kerf.

    $750 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.

    STANDARD 9/32″ BIT

    Standard 9/32″ Bit

    9/32″ KERF, suits all models, includes lock screw.

    $11 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.

    FINE KERF 1/4" BIT

    Fine Kerf 1/4" Bit

    1/4" KERF, suits all models, includes lock screw.

    $15 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    Standard Shank

    13/64″ wide, fits all models.

    $16 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.


    Narrow Shank

    5/32" wide, fits all models. Offers more clearance and life to your bit.

    $19 USD

    Priced when purchasing with sawmill.

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