The Swing-blade advantage

Key points on the advantages to using a Swing-blade sawmill.

Access during timber loading and removal is of paramount importance, and this is where Turbosawmill truly stands out from other designs.

Every Turbosawmill model is meticulously crafted with this critical feature in mind.

In contrast, many other sawmill designs position the head to the left with the log to the right, which necessitates an often cumbersome process to retrieve the timber through a limited gap.

This limitation is one of the reasons earlier twin blade sawmill designs required a drag-back facility, typically involving a bar that hindered the operator's access to the timber.

The distinctive advantage of Turbosawmill lies in its 180-degree access capability, allowing effortless retrieval of even the heaviest beams. You can conveniently position a forklift or loader right next to the log, enabling the beams or timber to slide sideways onto their support arms without the need for heavy lifting.

Furthermore, Turbosawmill's design ensures that the blade is safely positioned alongside a single beam, keeping it away from the operator and, crucially, over the actual log.

In essence, one of the fundamental advantages of Turbosawmill is its open side access, which streamlines the entire timber handling process.

Expand Your Sawing Capabilities with Our Add-Ons

In addition to our exceptional mills, we provide options for tapered boards and an attachment slabber, allowing for slabbing up to 61 inches. These versatile add-ons greatly enhance the possibilities for sawyers, ensuring you can achieve more with your sawmill.


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