When portability matters, you need the Warrior - our chainsaw/small engine swing blade sawmill.


Convert your standard 70-120cc chainsaw into a productive swing-blade sawmill!

A True Innovation

Launched in early 2013, the Warrior was developed in association with the New Zealand government (Ministry of Science & Innovation) specifically to address the needs of the Pacific Islands market.

The sawmill is compact and light enough to carry into the bush and move from tree to tree, enabling you to recover timber productively and very cost-efficiently.

Assembly and disassembly is quick and easy.

Mill 4+ Cubic Metres per Day

The Warrior offers a superb solution for the lower end production requirement of 800-1600bf+ (2-4+ cubic metres) per day.

Perfect for the islands where forestation prevents access to high value logs, the arborist that needs value added or simply the weekend warrior.

Less Effort, More Production

If you are pushing the saw manually through the cut, weight is much more important than horsepower. The main swing blade cutting head weighs a mere 37kg (with motor removed for transport)!.

The Warrior sawmill also delivers full taper adjustability. You can easily align logs to the mill with the manual winch system - no more needing to jack up heavy logs.

Low Cost Investment

Purchasing a high production swing blade has never been more affordable - especially if you already have your own chainsaw!

Light & Incredibly Portable

This is the most portable swing-blade sawmill available on the market today.

The complete sawmill weighs just 165kg (4-stroke, 200kg) and was designed to be very quickly and easily dismantled and reassembled.

The small footprint is ideal for bush milling.

Customers tell us their Warrior is easily transported from site to site, and easily carried from tree to tree by one or two men.

Features & Specifications:

  • Capable of sawing 2 - 4+ plus cubic meters or 800 - 1600+ board foot per day 
  • Open frame design - allows access to the timber, providing smooth productive flow
  • 6" x 6" Standard Cut (6" Model) or 8" x 8" Standard Cut (8" Model) or 10" x 10" Standard Cut (10" Model)
  • 12" x 6" Double Cut (6" model) or 16" x 8" Double Cut (8" model) or 20" x 10" Double Cut (10" model)
  • Saw up to 4.5 metres (15 foot) in length - longer with extensions
  • Kerf 5.25mm (13/64")
  • Standard Diameter 1 metre (3 foot) - although any diameter log can be cut with chocks
  • Saw the log as it lays - even with extreme inclines - the carriage is very light to push
  • Fits either Stihl 066, 084, 088, Husqvarna 395xp and 3120xp - or any other chainsaw equivalent in cc.
  • Independent adjustment provides incredible flexibility aligning to the log for better recovery
  • Complete mill weighs just 165kg including power head       
  • Takes less than a minute to sharpen     
  • Conversion from chainsaw bar to circular swing blade is as simple and quick as changing a dull chain



US Customers contact Mike Moen of TSMUSA for more Warrior information.

Phone: 509-979-9381

Email: tsmusa.mike@gmail.com

Check out our Facebook Photo Gallery!

Check out our Facebook Photo Gallery!

8" model Warrior right hand view

8" model Warrior right hand view

13hp 8" Warrior sawmill rear view

13hp 8" Warrior sawmill rear view