Turbosawmill compared with other Swing-blade designs & the Bandsaw Mill

Innovators in sawmilling technology. Our single beam Swing-blade sawmill is the world's first of its kind, featuring a revolutionary frame with a unique open side design, setting new industry standards.

Our automation is robust and straightforward, ensuring years of flawless operation without hydraulic complexities or electronics issues. Prioritizing safety, our blades boast a unique replaceable tip design, providing unmatched efficiency and safety.

Turbosawmill over a bandmill?

Turbosawmill blades stand out with a rapid 60-second sharpening time, ensuring a swift and efficient solution. In comparison, bandsaw blades necessitate specialized equipment and intricate sharpening due to their numerous teeth, involving additional steps like setting the teeth and dressing the gullets.

The standout feature of Turbosawmill lies in the ease of on-site replacement for its cutting teeth. While bandsaw blades typically require replacement every 300 board feet, Turbo teeth significantly outlast them, needing replacement at approximately 10,000+ board feet. The outcome? Turbosawmill blades that endure for years, providing a robust and cost-effective solution.


Bandsaw manufacturers push the thin kerf idea. Band mills typically waste timber when making the first four cuts around the log. The slabs that get removed are usually VERY wasteful. An extra 4-8 boards are available if care was taken. The reason:

  • The operator wants to cut to the chase and get producing - re-sawing these slabs slow you down.
  • The operator does not want to drag the band through the bark, dulling the blade.
  • Finally, a squared log rests on the mill ready to rip roar into boards. But there is one problem… that last board at the very bottom is too narrow and needs to get thrown into the rubbish pile.
  • Turbo’s recovery wins easily. Straight timber and every board, sawn out of the log right down to the bark!
The simple illustration below shows the minimal difference between bandsaw kerf and Turbosawmill’s range of kerf options. Sawing 2" boards out of a typical sized 20" log. The drawing is to scale and is not exaggerated as other websites show.

A nice advantage of our manual mill range is the push pull weight of the carriage. As there is no associated frame to support the carriage, the weight is kept to a minimum. The M6 manual carriage weighs only 154 pounds (70kg), the motor weighs only 80 pounds (37kg). Giving a total push pull weight of 107 kg or 235 pounds. Now compare that to other competitors which start at 330 pounds (150kg). You will have energy to spare at the end of the day!

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