29 containers of sawmills shipped to our USA distributor!


Date: February 22, 2024 - February 22, 2024
Location: Texas, USA

Navigating the tumultuous waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, Turbosawmill found itself at a crossroads like many other companies. Uncertainty loomed over our prospects, particularly concerning exporting into the US, as freight companies encountered unprecedented challenges. Amidst this turbulence, it was natural to anticipate a significant downturn in sales.

However, rather than succumbing to the prevailing pessimism, we chose to seize the opportunity to reevaluate and innovate. Recognizing the need for strategic partnerships to establish a stronger foothold in the US market, we reached out to Smith Sawmill Service with a proposition. The response we received was not just positive but catalytic, propelling us into a new phase of expansion.

While our presence in the US market was not entirely new, it had been relatively modest, with just a few containers of mills shipped annually. Collaborating with Smith Sawmills marked a turning point. Leveraging their extensive network and reputable brand, our products gained prominence, sparking a surge in demand.

The synergy between Turbosawmill and Smith Sawmills has been remarkable. The partnership not only kept us afloat but propelled us to unprecedented heights. Today, as we celebrate the sealing of our 29th container, with the 30th imminent, we reflect proudly on our journey. Smiths’ relentless dedication has fueled our growth, underscoring the power of strategic alliances in driving success.

As a token of appreciation and celebration, we eagerly anticipate marking this milestone with a workshop party, a testament to the resilience and collective effort that defines our company’s spirit.

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