Patented design

Patented design

Hobby Warrior Swing-blade Sawmill


Incredible offer!

Incredible offer!

We are overstocked with Hobby mills. We need to get them moving.

$7,500 for the M6-3H (3hp single phase)

$8,000 for the M6-5H (5hp single phase)

$8,000 for the M6-7.5H (7.5hp 3 phase)

Includes: Complete swing-blade sawmill. 3hp/5hp single phase domestic plug in power (can be powered by a small generator). 1 blade (standard brazed on style) and sharpener kit.

Specs: 6" x 6" standard cut (every size within). 6" x 12" double cut (every size within). 4.2m log length. Any diameter logs.

Options available: $700 (special price) Planer blade for smoothing slabs and beams. $500 Per 1m beam extension. $300 chainsaw mount kit.

Get in touch asap as this deal will not last for long. Current offer is available until 20/10/2019. After this date new pricing below will take affect. Call or text +64 27 3707877 (We will call you back to save you the cost).

Complete Warrior sawmill.

An incredibly simple, quiet versatile machine. Capable of sawing up to 12” wide with double cutting. Perfect in combination with the planer blade for surfacing slabs and beams!


  • Electric 3hp or 5hp DOL motor.

  • 1 x 3-tooth Standard brazed on tooth blade and sharpener.

  • Manual feed.

  • Manual blade swing.

  • Direct drive without gearbox (very quiet operation).


  • Single end horizontal sizing. Double end vertical sizing.

  • Log setup taper alignment included.

  • 1 meter diameter (3 foot) log - although any diameter may be sawn.

  • 4.2 meter (14 foot) log cut length.

  • Double cut capable.


  1. Model 6 (6" x 6" standard cut, 12" double cut), fitted with (domestic supply 3hp, 10 amp) electric single phase 2.2kw DOL motor. $8,000.

  2. Model 6 (6" x 6" standard cut, 12" double cut), fitted with (domestic supply 5hp) electric single phase DOL motor. $8,500.

  3. Model 6 (6" x 6" standard cut, 12" double cut), fitted with (industrial 7.5hp) electric 3 phase 5.5kw DOL motor. $8,500.


    • Chainsaw mount kit (fits Stihl Chainsaws 660/661 and most smaller models) $300.

    • STIHL MS362 59cc 3.5kw (20” bar and chain). Used as a chainsaw or to power the mill $1,624

    • STIHL MS462 72cc 4.4kw (20” bar and chain). Used as a chainsaw or to power the mill $1,949

    • STIHL MS661 91cc 5.4kw (20” bar and chain). Used as a chainsaw or to power the mill $2,030


What makes our mills stand out?

  • Open access to load your logs and remove timber (without the possibility of damaging your tracks. You're not stuck in a portal restricting your options.

  • The mono rail means you're mill will always pull straight - its not dependent on how or where you pull. It will cut straight no matter what.

  • We have full taper ability along with single end sizing, making our mills very easy to align to the log and to set you're sizes.

  • The swing apparatus is effortless. We also have weather board options available to coincide with its simplicity.

  • All our mills have the ability to double cut straight off the log - no turning the mill around (its designed into the concept). Our mills don't require any 180 degree swing function - this facility has no relationship to any extra ability regarding double cutting.

  • Portability. Our mills can be provided with a simple dolly trailer system. They can also be transported via a small jockey arrangement optional with the sawmill. Lots of options for easy 10-30 minute setup/breakdown.

  • A major hidden advantage with our saw is that there is no need to start vertical first followed by horizontal as your finishing cut. Simply start horizontal and finish with vertical - no wedging required. Just grab your cut timber and start again.

  • Sharpening takes literally seconds with our simple 2-tooth saw blade. This is a special blade to utilize domestic plug in 10 amp supply.

  • We have slabber and planer blade attachments available for this mill.

  • Saw any diameter logs.

  • Price, production, simplicity and portability - you cant beat it!