Power feed. Auto swing. Single point sizing.

The Paul Bunyan Show Special through October only!

Warrior AUTO at the Paul Bunyan show in Ohio

Warrior AUTO at the Paul Bunyan show in Ohio

Portability & Performance

Welcome to Turbo SawMill, home to the most innovative portable timber sawmills.

Industrial-Strength Swing-Blade Sawmills

No other portable timber sawmill matches the calibre of the Gladiator. Computer sizing delivers unmatched accuracy and uniformity, full hydraulics allows for effortless milling, and the unique Inverted T frame design gives you total open access in and around the processing area.

Swing-blade technology offers a number of advantages over other methods, while the double cut capability delivers wider boards providing added versatility.


The world's best chainsaw-driven sawmill

Launched in 2013, the Warrior is the most portable swing-blade sawmill available on the market today.

Affordable, ultra light and so easy to assemble, the Warrior will cut 2 - 4+ plus cubic meters (800 - 1600+ plus board foot)  a day - powered by your regular chainsaw/small 4-stroke engine! 
This productive, ultra-portable sawmill is the perfect solution for recovering valuable timber from your land.


Check out Matt Kenyon's gallery!

Check out Matt Kenyon's gallery!

Check out our Facebook photo gallery!

Check out our Facebook photo gallery!

"I am very happy with the mill, the design is a brilliant piece of engineering. Thanks for the great product!" Wayne Vermeulen, Warrior owner. NZ

"The Warrior mill has been a perfect asset for my business, a truly portable mill that can handle large diameter logs with ease. So easy to set up." Steve Mcphee, Warrior owner. NZ

“This swingmill is much more useful than a bandmill because I can take it to the large trees quite easily. I can set it up quickly on site and take out the lumber rather than cutting up the bush with skidding equipment. The recommended chainsaw engine is quite powerful for the job and is useful for cutting large trees down as well. Jake has been very responsive to my questions and readily remedied any problems I encountered." Clarence Haak. Orillia, Ontario, Canada

"My Warrior has proved to be brilliant! I am so glad that I got it by airfreight and was able to get stuck into these Oaks this year." Matt Kenyon. UK